• This class is for participants 16 years and up.

    The FII Level 1 course is an introduction to the FII education system; it is a 1.5 day course covering everything from safety & problem management, breathing techniques, & equipment selection to correct freediving methods for gradual depth progression. This course is ideal for scuba divers, spearfisherman, & photographers wishing to master the basic freediving techniques of our system enabling you to confidently freedive to depths up to 66 feet/20 meters and a static breath hold of up to 3 minutes. The Level 1 Freediver course is required before proceeding on to the Level 2 course.
    • Level 1 Safety & Problem Management for Freediving
    • Level 1 Static Apnea Technique Development
    • Level 1 Confined Water Rescue and Buddy Supervision Techniques
    • Introduction to Freediving Specific Equipment
    • Basic Physics and Physiology for the Level 1 Freediver
    • Freediving Technique Development
    • Correct Breathing for Freediving
    • Equalization Techniques for the Level 1 Freediver
    • Open Water Rescue Skills, Buddy Supervision and Self Evaluation

    Participants will be encouraged to take a 30 minute test on course completion to gain Level 1 certification card. This is required to advance in further freediving training.

    Student Learning Materials:
    Level 1 Student Manual and Workbook,
    Level 1 Academic Review

    As a F.I.I. Level 1 Freediver you will use the following equipment:
    Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit, Weights, Weightbelt, Fins, Timing device.

    Certification Level: Level 1 Freediver. Students are not required to dive the maximum depth or have a breath hold of max time, of the course for certification. FII certification tests are based on the skills and knowledge you will master throughout your course.

  • Robert Little is a professional freediver with over thirty years of experience. He is a trained freediving instructor through the FII organization (Freediving Instructors International) Largest Freediving training organization in America. He was trained by Martin Stepanek, a multiple time world record holder in freediving. Robert has a strong work ethic and has been a hired consultant on movies for his expertise in realistic spearfishing, freediving scenes, and safety coordination. Robert has taught professional athletes and forbes 500 business entrepreneurs among others. Robert is an authority in safety training to minimize risk in the sport and is a recognized expert in the field. Robert uses his knowledge and experience to teach other freedivers on technique, comfort level and ultimate success. Robert’s attention to detail and the needs of both divers and clients make him a leader in the industry-always providing outstanding proficiency and service.